Barracuda expands new React platform to Email Gateway Defense  

Barracuda has been working extremely hard over the past year to bring all our solutions to a new, modern, front-end technology stack (ReactJS). You may have already seen the new UI in our other solutions (Impersonation Protection and Incident Response). This new framework will allow us to build new UI features much quicker, which means faster updates for our customers. We are pleased to announce that the new React platform has now been launched on the end user interface of Email Gateway Defense. 

Additional information to be aware of: 

  • This platform launch is a 1-for-1 migration from the old framework, which means that there are no new features/capabilities at this time, just a new “skin” or “look and feel.” However, this migration will allow us to add new features or make changes to our products much more quickly in the future. 

  • This launch is for the end user portion of the product only. We’ve begun work on the admin interface and will have a beta version available for users to try. 

  • This new interface will be rolled out slowly to end users over the next 4 weeks to be completed by the end of May 2023. 

  • Only accounts with a “User” role will see the new UI. If you have set a user as a “domain admin” or “helpdesk” role within EGD, they will need to be set to “user” in order to see the new UI. This is NOT the same thing as setting up an administrator through Barracuda Cloud Control. 

Please see image below for an example of the new UI.